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1-to-1 live English classes and our courses and materials will help you mastering spoken English effectively.

1-to-1 Live English Classes

We believe that to learn spoken English, most important thing is to speak more. All classes of LingualBox are 1-on-1, so you can speak more compare with group lesson. It also help the tutor to focusing on what you need to learn.

Learn intonation and rhythm

In English, intonation and rhythm are crucial for communication. For instance, most American distinguish between "can" and "can't" only with the accent. Therefore, we put exercises for intonation, pronunciation and Rhythm not only in pronunciation materials but in many other course materials.

Classes based on your level

We offer variable of courses and materials based on English proficiency level. For instance, if you are beginner, "Basic English" and "Travel English" courses are perfect for you.

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