What is LingualBox?

What is a LingualBox class like?

What time can I take classes?

What devices do I need to get started?

I am a beginner. Is LingualBox right for me?

LingualBox Classes

Why your teachers are Filipino?

Is there any holiday do you have?

Is the connection speed fine for conducting video classes?

What will happen if I was late for classes?

How to book a class?

How to cancel a booking?

What will happen if I report a lesson issue?

What kind of situations no-expiration tickets would be issued?

I couldn't attend the lesson because of unavoidable reason. Will Lesson tickets be returned?


How does the Two Free Trial Classes work?

How do you accept payment?

Do you have any contracts or cancellation fees?

If I subscribe to the service in the middle of the month. When will be the next payment day?

What happens to my unused regular tickets?

I want to change my plan, what should I do?

What will happen to my no-expiration tickets if I cancel the subscription?

Do you have any refund policy?

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