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Our hiring policy is to hire tutors only from Top universities in Philippines who have good ability in English and passion altogether.

Philippines has a large number of English speakers

Filipino speaks English with a clear American Accent. This is because Philippines was a US colony for 5 decades and now Philippines is the world's #1 market for BPO solutions in the world and most BPO companies are catering to USA. Especially, those who graduated top universities speaks English almost like native speakers.

Certified tutors passionate about teaching

We put a lot of energy for hiring top-notch English tutors. Large part of our tutors have experience in teaching for more than 3 years and some of them also have TESOL license, degree in "English Education".

Keep improving the class quality

We regularly conducting training sessions for tutors. Add to that, we share the feedback from the student with tutors for improving their class quality.

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