Useful Expressions Course

Go beyond the basic English conversation. Learn useful expressions with our tutor and speak like a native English speaker.

Course Overview

We recommend this course for intermediate to advanced level English learners who want to speak like native English speakers. Same with your mother tongue, there are many expressions in English which the meaning of the words and the meaning of the sentence are different. "You look like a million dollars", "It is raining cats and dogs", "Being a wall flower", these are some of those expressions. In this course, you will learn many useful phrases through different types of activities, like role-playing.

What you will learn

This course aims to learn useful expressions that you can use in daily conversation and make you feel comfortable using those expressions. Above that, you will not be confused when native English speakers use unfamiliar phrases while talking with you. We are currently offering 40 lessons in this course, and you will learn many expressions in each lesson. There will be more lessons to come.

What is LingualBox?

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What our students are saying

"Learning on Lingualbox is exciting! The tutors are very friendly and always ready to help you. Due to their help, I can express my opinions fluently now."
Maxim Shatilo, Ukraine

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