Daily Conversation Course

Learn English conversation skills through role playings with your tutor. Preparing for living abroad.

Course Overview

This course is for upper beginner to Intermediate level English learners. In this course, you will learn daily English words and expressions in different scenes, starting from greetings to renting an apartment. Besides, you will learn grammar and pronunciation in each lesson to improve your comprehensive English skills.

What you will learn

This course's primary purpose is to master necessary English conversation skills that will help you even if you need to live abroad from tomorrow. If you can conduct a basic English conversation, your life elsewhere would be much less stressful. You will mainly learn through role-playing with your tutor. Therefore, you can easily remember when you learned and use them efficiently.

What is LingualBox?

LingualBox is offering one to one Skype English classes online at affordable prices. We carefully hire Filipino English tutors by assessing their English skills, teaching skills, personality. Only 5% of applicants successfully become part of our teachers. That's why we can provide quality classes with lower prices compare with native English speakers.

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One to One English Classes

We offer one on one English classes through Skype. Your tutor will teach you based on your English proficiency level and preference.

Anytime, Anywhere

We offer classes 24/7 other than holidays in the Philippines. You can take classes anywhere, you only need Skype.

Certified Tutors

We only hire top-notch tutors from the Philippines. Many of them have 3 years+ experience, teacher license, or TESOL license.

What our students are saying

"Learning on Lingualbox is exciting! The tutors are very friendly and always ready to help you. Due to their help, I can express my opinions fluently now."
Maxim Shatilo, Ukraine

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