Practical Tips To Remember When Learning the English Grammar

 Language is an art, so you have to switch to the “creative mode” when learning a second language. The English language, just like any other language, has very complex rules. Its grammar rules are even more complex and challenging to learn. But you don’t learn them the way you learn mathematical formulas. Here are a few simple tips to remember when learning the English grammar.

         It is easier to learn English grammar by listening to English phrases or sentences when they are spoken in a dialogue or conversation. This is where your listening skills come in. It will allow you to remember how the phrases or sentences are spoken and how they were used. It will also help you recall the specific occasion or event that they were spoken.

         Let’s take as an example a boy who is learning to speak the language of his parents. He doesn’t try to learn the rules of grammar of his parent’s language. Instead, he listens attentively to them. He tries to think and speak in the language that he hears every day. He tries to speak in the accent and pronunciation that his parents do. This is true in all languages. All of us did not learn grammar rules when we were small children, but we learned our own native language by listening every day and by speaking them. So try not to focus too much on the English grammar rules and its technical compositions. Instead, pay attention to how the phrases and sentences are being spoken by an English speaker.

          Another helpful tip to remember is that you can easily learn English grammar by asking questions in English and answering questions in English. Make a list of phrases that are commonly used every day in various situations. For example, when you are in a grocery store, what are the common phrases or sentences that you hear? Or, how about when you are in a bus station? What are the questions they ask you or the questions that you need to ask them? When you do this, you are not actually analysing the English grammar rules, but you’re observing the way that the sentences are structured and spoken on a daily basis.

         To supplement your learning exercises, you can observe sentence grammar structures in English comic books. If you have one, then read it more often. If you don’t have an English comic book, you need to get one. A comic book is an easy tool because it provides graphics and pictures that help you remember the stories and dialogues faster. You can also observe English grammar structures in media interviews.

        If you need more intensive practice in learning grammatically correct sentences, you may check out LingualBox. We offer one-on-one English courses where your teacher can help you practice correct English sentences.

I have a passion for the English language because it is such a powerful tool for creativity and personal development. I've been writing articles since I was in High School. I represented my school in English writing competitions in the city, regional, and national levels. When I was in college, I wrote a short story which was published in the University Literary Portfolio. In 2006, I worked as a call center agent in Cebu City. In 2007 up to 2008, I worked as an English accent trainer in a startup call center company. I have also been offering ESL lessons as a freelance tutor since February 2016.