12 Ways to Say “I Love You”

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When a person is in love, he or she has the urge to express his or her feelings all the time, letting the person he or she loves know how enamored they are. And while “I love you” remains a timeless expression, there are many other ways to say it through words. Some of these phrases of love do not even have the word “love” in them, yet they can express a much intense sense of adoration. Here are 12 ways to say “I love you.”

I am yours.

The phrase “I am yours” tells the person you love that you are devoted to them, to the point that it almost becomes possessive.


I am yours, so you do not have to worry about me straying.

I adore you.

“I adore you,” says that you have a lot of adoration towards the person you love. You love and respect them deeply, almost as if you worship them. This phrase can also be used towards people one admires, such as role models.


I adore Harry Styles because his music is significant for me.

You complete me.

The phrase “you complete me” implies that you feel that the person that you love has filled a missing part in your life. Now that they are here, you feel as if you are whole.


You complete me. I would be nothing without you!

I have fallen for you.

The phrase “I have fallen for you” is taken from the idiom “to fall in love” or the idiom “to fall head over heels” over someone. This means that you have begun to feel romantic feelings towards another person.


I have fallen for you, and I do not think that my feelings will change anytime soon.

We are meant to be.

“We are meant to be”, tells the person you are in love with that your relationship feels like destiny as if the fates of the universe have led you towards each other, and that whatever happens, you will find each other in the end.


It is no coincidence that we keep meeting like this; we are meant to be!

You are the love of my life.

The phrase “you are the love of my life” ensures your lover that he or she is the only person you love romantically in the highest intensity. It implies that throughout your life, you have never—nor will you ever—experience a love like the one you have with them now.


You are the love of my life. I will do everything I can to make you happy.

You are everything to me.

“You are everything to me” means that the person that you love means a lot to you; that you will feel as if you are lacking, be it emotionally, physically, or some other aspect in life, without the other person.


You are everything to me, and I cannot imagine life without you.

I am crazy about you.

“I am crazy about you”, says that you are very in love with a person—so much so that you are willing to do unthinkable or impossible things to guarantee their happiness and reciprocal feelings.


I will do anything you ask because I am crazy about you.

I am thankful for you.

The phrase “I am thankful for you” can express love not just to romantic partners but to friends and family members, as well. It implies that you are grateful for their existence in your life—for all that they have done for you.


You have been a great friend throughout the years, and I am thankful for you.

You set my heart on fire.

“You set my heart on fire” is a strong way to say “I love you” because it expresses that you feel a fiery romantic passion towards the person you love. It is as if they have ignited a flame in your heart that you now have a burning sensation of love for them.


When you smile, you set my heart on fire.

You light up my life.

“You light up my life” is another phrase that can apply to non-romantic relationships. It expresses that another person’s presence makes your life happier, lighter, or better, usually because of the role they play in your life and the actions that happen because of it.


You light up my life. Every day is better with you here.

I am into you.

The phrase “I am into you” is a modern, almost slang way of saying that you are deeply interested in another person. 


Paul confessed that he was into me after just the third date.


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