Hasna Usman

Taught: 905 hours
Experience: 7 years
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You may call me Honey. When growing up, my friends started calling me this name in the belief that I am a very sweet person. I am 28 years old, and I took up Business Management. I have been an ESL educator for several years now, and I also served in Banking and Finance as a financial adviser. Though there's more opportunity in banking, teaching is what my heart yearns for. So here I am, back to being an educator, and I am inspired to teach because of my two beautiful kids.

Teaching Experience

For almost seven years now, I've been teaching ESL to learners from Asia and Latin America. I can handle any level. I have taught beginners studying basic grammar and vocabulary, as well as advanced students who are often engaged in business meetings and trips abroad. My seven-year teaching experience made me learn the practical methods of improving one's English skills in a fast phase but fun way. I will make it to the point that during our sessions, you will be equipped with the best practices to speaking English well.



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