Charlee Calangi

Taught: 1779 hours
Experience: 10 years
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Hello everyone! My name is Charlee. I studied Bachelor in Elementary Education in one of the schools in the Philippines. Since teaching is my passion, I never get tired of learning and exploring new ideas to share to my students. I am also a very jolly person. I always make my classes as fun as possible so that my students will enjoy while learning. I make sure that I am adjusting to the needs of my students for them to be able to learn easier.

Teaching Experience

I’ve been teaching ESL since May 2010. I have taught different nationalities, Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Filipino. I am teaching different lessons from current events, articles, Basic English Lessons, Business English and the likes. I also had an experience teaching in an Academy for a year. I’ve attended different kinds of training to improve my teaching skills, as well as my knowledge about different cultures. Though I have a lot of experiences when it comes to teaching, I still attend trainings and study a lot for me to improve.



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