Emira Sampan

Taught: 160 hours
Experience: 1 year
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Hello. My name is Emira Sampan Oku, or you can call me Mimi. I am 25 years old from the Philippines. I studied Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in English. I am an outgoing and extrovert person. I like traveling, singing, meeting new people and teaching. It has always been my passion to teach. For me, it is rewarding to know that I have contributed to another person's life. I love teaching as well as I love learning from my students.

Teaching Experience

I have been an English teacher since I was 18 years old. I have done English consulting with different students from different countries such as Japan, Korea, China, Russia, and Spain. In 2015 I went to Japan to work as an English teacher for Japanese nationals wherein it lasted for two years. I am also currently working as a blog writer during my free time. Though I already know about teaching English, I still attend seminars to improve my teaching skills for I believe that there is always room for improvement. I always strive for a fun and comfortable class with my students. I encourage you to book my class and let's learn together. Again this is Teacher Mimi. What's your name?



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